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We are a specialty wholesaler to the geothermal, mechanical and HVAC industries, successfully supplying our clients across North America since 2000, with service and solutions. Our mandate is to give you the service that you expect, quality that you deserve and satisfaction every time. Strategically located in Winnipeg, Manitoba we are situated in the heart of North America enabling us to serve both great nations easily, swiftly and competitively. We sincerely value every one of our customers and invite you to experience the value we bring to every sale!

Service that you expect, quality that you deserve and satisfaction every time… that’s our commitment to you!


Geothermal and geo-exchange system specialists is what we are, having years of experience in the geothermal and ground loop installation trade ourselves. Our solutions to problems and innovative approach to challenges in the young and developing field of geothermal, have helped empower our clients to success in difficult and trying circumstances.


Mechanical contractors know that getting the right product at the right price is the key to success and so do we. That’s why we offer mechanical contractors competitive products and solutions with an unprecedented level of customer service. Maintaining this edge over the rest of the mechanical industry is what will bring our clients achievement and will build on their reputation of excellence and that’s what we will continue to provide.


HVAC supplies is a recent addition to our product offering. Known for it’s quality and as the exclusive distributor for the area, we bring our line of material to the industry with confidence and enthusiasm. Our HVAC products are competitive and we look forward to it’s continued penetration into the marketplace.


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Everything that is used in the installation of a geothermal system.


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We offer mechanical contractors competitive production and solutions.


Discover the VersaTherm products we have available.


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Our Mission

Our Mission is to complete the winning circle by providing the best, that’s our customers, with the best, that’s our product, from the best, that’s our vendors, using the best, that’s our employees.


Our Commitment

Our Commitment is to supply under one roof, the essential and specialty components of mechanical and geo-exchange systems. Together we bring many years of experience from the installation industry to the wholesale market, providing our customers internationally with solutions that work. Service that you deserve, quality that you expect and satisfaction every time… that’s our commitment to you!

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